A long time ago, a Sean, a Zaki, and a Brian bid adieu to a life of campuses, quads, and classrooms with visions of Hollywood stardom dancing through their heads.

More than a decade later, with a barrage of industry knowhow and worldly mojo in our arsenal, we the people of Mr. Boy Productions, in order to inspire good in the filmmaking community, do solemnly swear by every word of the following mission statement:

“We at Mr. Boy productions take ourselves seriously.  Very, very seriously. In fact, we take ourselves so very, very seriously that we discourage any and all fun while in production of any or all of our films.

Creativity is weakness. Originality is for suckers. From this day forward, we will make it our goal to lie, cheat, and steal our way to the top, swing from the brass ring, and — over cigars and brandy — thumb our noses at all the people we stepped on along the way.

Then, when the fame and fortune has taken complete control of our Mr. Boy collective — we’ll rob banks, give the money to the poor, then rob the poor and shoot the money!

We here at Mr. Boy Productions laugh in the face of danger…then, we run and hide until it goes away.”

We consider ourselves a savvy, spunky, and surprisingly well-groomed bunch whose lifelong passion for storytelling has kept us inspired (and employed!) to this very day.  We don’t expect every nugget of our filmmaking goodness to be your cup o’ joe.  But if we can motivate even the slightest chuckle or curious scratch of the noggin – – well then, you’re welcome!